Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Movers DC-Your Local Movers and Packers

Moving companies are aplenty around the country, so you’re spoilt for choice if you’ve got a home relocation coming up. From individual entrepreneurs who hire out their van and muscle at the weekends, all the way up to global moving chains with branches in cities around the world, there is a moving company to suit every need and budget. In Washington DC, customers searching for a moving company also have a good range of companies to choose from. From family run and operated operations to the global chains, you can find a moving company that will be suitable for you. If all that choice is giving you a headache, your choice of moving company should be guided by the kind of move you are planning. If you’re going out of the city, then look at national or global companies. However, for a move within Washington, you can enjoy the benefits of a local mover. 

Movers DC has focused on residential moves in Washington DC for more than 20 years. Unlike other moving companies, we’ve kept our business specialized, both in terms of the services we offer and the locations we serve. However, this doesn’t mean that we haven’t grown. Movers DC is among the larger local moving companies in Washington, which allows our customers to benefit from both our size and our local focus. Try us for your next move, and you’ll see why, if you’re keeping it local with your move, you might also want to keep it local with your choice of moving company.

There are some universal qualities you want in a moving company, regardless of where you live and where you plan to move to. For most of our customers, reliability comes first. This includes everything from arriving on time to having honest workers and ensuring the security of your personal possessions. Movers DC services are insured and we’re fully licensed, which means your property is never at risk. If you’re in a hurry to move, then you’ll be glad to know we accept last minute move bookings and we also operate seven days a week. Everything about our services has been planned to cut down the time we spend moving and packing so that you can get on with life in your new home. 

Reliability and speed are the main strengths of Movers DC services. However, as a local moving company, we give our customers so much more. One thing that our customers appreciate is the flexibility of our services. Movers DC offers customers a range of services to suit your budget and needs. For those who would like to do as little as possible, we recommend full service packing, unpacking and moving services. If you don’t need that much assistance our services can be booked separately. For example, our movers and truckers can help load and transport the boxes that you’ve packed yourself. Customers who want a no-frills move can even buy our boxes and wrapping materials and do the rest themselves. With our affordable rates and flexible service options, we’re confident you’ll find moving services that are perfect for you.

So, if the large number of moving companies operating in DC has you a little stumped about which one to choose, you can safely narrow down your choices to Movers DC. Our services check all the boxes, giving you the flexibility, professionalism and speed you expect from a large company, with the personalized service you get from choosing a local company. Contact us by telephone or e-mail so we can get started right away!

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